Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My first trail marathon Gold

This is the first time I got a Gold Medal at trail Marathon running. Although it's just at my age group of 40~49 male, I am 48, which is at elder end of my group; but I ran pretty fast with finishing time 5:33
I was injured sometime early, despite barely recovered but I am still running slower than my best pace. I am almost 10 minutes faster than last year's Summer race, it has a lot to do with cooler temperature.

跑了四年馬,第一次在Age group中奪金(男40~49)。我在這一組中也算是高齡的了, 但是跑的不慢,其他的高手沒參加也有關係。 之前筋膜炎發作, 還才剛剛好過來, 有影響到速度, 但不管如何,有此成績(5:33) 還是很興奮。
值得一提的是Costal event 現在都有BBQ,吃了一肚子肉回來;游泳池一泡,啊,真是享受。

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