Friday, October 24, 2014

Mountain Bike up into the mountain

After 3 month of self training, upgrade on bike, and research for mountain biking skills, Now I can ride up hill toward Mission Peak for 2 miles, climb 1500ft. It's about 2/3 to the peak. Compare to the days that I couldn't even rode 100 ft up mountain, what a improvement.
Beef up bike, and the person riding it.

I run mountain marathon year round, but I then soon found out riding bike and running use muscles somewhat differently, not exactly the same set. So I need to add bike training to my already busy training schedule, replace some running time with bike time. I consider that cross-training. Of course, anything to do with mountain, it's not a bad idea to lose couple of ponds of weight.

How about bike?
Bike price can range from several thousands of dollars to just few hundreds. The differences between a 2K bike and 2 hundred bike aren't going to be so dramatic. Shake off few minutes of time maybe; but not the key of pass/fail for climbing mountain. However, most of store available bikes are not tuning for mountains; but rather touring or cross mountain. So if you couldn't find a perfect bike, get a best available one and put some upgrades for your special purpose.
1) Change gears. You need lower gear ration. I use a Crankset that has 22 tooth small gear, and a cassette that has 34 tooth big gear, which is not common for a 7 speed cassette. But you can still get that from online. For these set, I have the lowest gear ration of 22/34 = 0.64, which is pretty low already.

2) Brake upgrade. It's better to start a bike already has disc brake, at least for front brake. There aren't much you can do with rim brake. It's pretty affordable to upgrade a brake rotor. Like this 203mm Ravx SL Disc Rotor of mine, I only paid $33, and a adapt bracket to relocate old caliper for couple of bucks. This is already biggest bike brake you can get.

Bike brake should match your weight, regular 160mm disc should be good for anyone with middle weight, such as 160lbs. For heavy person like me, I need a little bit more.

Mountain bike riding skill:     TBD

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Elva moves on to new bike

She has a 16" girls bike, at 8th birthday, she gets a new bike.
The old bike is a 16" NEXT girl bike.

Her new bike is a 20" mountain bike in florescent Green. 7sp transmission, front and rear suspensions.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My first trail marathon Gold

This is the first time I got a Gold Medal at trail Marathon running. Although it's just at my age group of 40~49 male, I am 48, which is at elder end of my group; but I ran pretty fast with finishing time 5:33
I was injured sometime early, despite barely recovered but I am still running slower than my best pace. I am almost 10 minutes faster than last year's Summer race, it has a lot to do with cooler temperature.

跑了四年馬,第一次在Age group中奪金(男40~49)。我在這一組中也算是高齡的了, 但是跑的不慢,其他的高手沒參加也有關係。 之前筋膜炎發作, 還才剛剛好過來, 有影響到速度, 但不管如何,有此成績(5:33) 還是很興奮。
值得一提的是Costal event 現在都有BBQ,吃了一肚子肉回來;游泳池一泡,啊,真是享受。