Saturday, February 28, 2009

Big Sur Marathon route survey

We went to Montery, Carmel and Big Sur to survey the Marathon route For 4/26th Big Sur Marathon. If I haven't registered, I won't register into this Marathon at all.
It's almost all hills, either up hill or down hills. Only 1/4 flat road. The Hurrican peak is especially hard. 2 miles of 5 % hill both up and down. I'm glad I've registered, this is the only way I am going to run it this year.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I miss you Elva

Elva's mom took her back to Taiwan for 3 weeks, starting from this Weekend. I wanted to see her before she leaves, yet I am afraid she would cry hard because of this short meet; if I don't see her, she wouldn't cry, I think. So I didn't see her. I think I did the right thing, but I am not so sure when I start missing her, did I. Would she feel I abandon her? No way I would do that, but would she feel that way? All these because her mom ask to take her back to Taiwan to see her grandma and grand grandma. I can't refuse since her grand grandma is at old age.
So they are off and I am terribly missing her right now. At normal days, I would have her sleep on my side every Friday night. Now knowing she is not here, I felt empty. I spend most of Saturday with Jan, happily. Yet when I face loneliness alone at night, I miss Elva. I went through her pictures and I only feel worse.
This photo was taken at SF zoo patting area. But Elva seems more interesting at different kinds of rides. She couldn't paddle yet she insist sit on this one, wouldn't leave. Yeah, she has my blood after all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Even longer run

I did this even longer route with almost the same time 2hrs 21mins. This must be 18 miles or 29 km. I feel much tighter in my legs than last time, must be lack of practice last weekend due to rain; but I didn't slow down at all, even ran faster. Like flying all the way.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-day (with new camera)

It's Valentine's day and I took three women out to play . . . Same happy weekend. But new camera makes everything look much happier.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New D40 is here

My new D40 (no x) is here, bought $285 body only. I know it's entry level camera but I just use it to replace my dead D-70 from 2 years ago. Five years ago, I bought my D-70 with Nikkor 18-70mm lens for total of $1300 before I married her. And two years into our marriage, after a argue over phone, she tossed my cherished camera and damaged the camera neck, the camera was broken. She said she regrets for her action; but she didn't buy me a new camera and she didn't allow me to buy one either. She bought three different cameras these years herself. I love photographic and that D-70 was my 3rd Nikon camera; I use Nikon camera since high school. But then, I had to use creepy digital camera for two years. Now I am separated and free, I finally can buy the camera I wanted, although it's just a entry level/old model D-40, I am happy. God, that marriage was a pain.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

17 miles run to work

I left my car on driveway this morning and ran to work today. When I started 6:50 in the morning, the moon was still shining and sun was not up yet. There was frost on roof and grass. It was cold. I ran about an hour and veer into a park, tried to drink some water from a drinking fountain and found that thing is frozen over. I had to drink from a lower fountain (closer to ground) which normally is for dogs. Anyway I ran 2hr and 15 mins and got to work a little later than 9 o'clock. I felt tired but I think I can still run few more miles. Now I am good. The photo on the right is the moon light shoot, you can also see there was frost on roof.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Elva and Vicky photo

Lots of fun and lots of laughter today. Vicky and Elva are good friends now. When we went to Chucke Cheeses yesterday night, she is just too tired and wake up and play. They played at park and took train ride. Chase birds and running around the park and playground.

Monday, February 2, 2009

unbelieveable shitty Quality

Today is Monday, I ran to work as usual. (Half Marathon) and when come to the trip home. I ride my pre-planned folding bike to take light rail home. After light rail ride. I still have to pedal few mile to where I parked my car. It was very dark and my bike doesn't have light, yet I wore a bright white jacket so I wasn't afraid anything, I just ride slowly. Along the way I felt the pedal kinda strange and it lasted for a while....... wow, the pedal and crank fall off! What the F**k! I bought this folding bike for $135 including shipping. I know it's cheap and Made in China; but I didn't expect this. In the dark, I searched for the fall off pedal and walk my bike for the remaining hald mile.... #@!&##

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy weekend finially

Elva has a very happy weekend this week. And with one important character Vicky, a 9 years old girl with apply red cheeks. And she is going to be Elva's good friend for long long time. . Elva like her a lot, even more then her mommy.