Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elva's first day on bicycle

I bought an old child's bicycle from a garage sale. It's the smallest kind for child; any smaller, it would be a tricycle. The original owner already took off the two side training wheels. So I went to Walmart and bought her a helmet set and side training wheels.
Elva was so excited and couldn't wait till late afternoon when sun light isn't so strong. So she wear her helmet set in the house and even watching TV. After 6PM, we finally went out and she had a spin on the bike, she learned quickly to paddle forward by herself. Elva is on bicycle now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

First Patent Lincence agreement

Today I signed my first Patent License Agreement of one of my invention, and there are a little up front fee comes with it and later on, hopefully more royalty base on an agreed percentage to come. Anyhow, I am official an Patent Licensor.
Oh, as for my first payment check, I will donate it to a Church as my thanks to God. I believe God gave me all my good ideas.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Elva's new Night Light

I made a night light for Elva's room. In fact, I need it more when I check on her's sleep. She often kick away her blanket at middle of night. And I need some kind of light to see that. The room light or table light are too much. This LED light is just perfect. It disguises as a toy car, when I open its door, the LED light comes up and post light. Close the door, light goes out.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another 20 miler this morning

I did another 20 miler this morning, it took me 3hrs 27 mins to finish the 20 miles. But I had a 6 lbs water bag on my back and I know I could run faster without it. This time I brought my camera with me so I captured some magnificent view. I like the run on Monday morning, I like the feeling in wildness and no one single person in sight.
Youtube link

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

House improvement and bicycle shed

This is a rental house, It was hot during the day and one heat source I found is the garage roof. I measured 55C or 130F from inside of roof panel. I stapled my old cardboard boxes on to the roof panels (as top two picture), the the temperature came down more than 5C or 10F. Still warm, but bearable.

The middle two picture show how I separated a sleeping area with my bookshelves. There are another set of book shelves on the other side; (but not as pretty) .

I spent three hours to build a shed for my bicycle. It's quite strong. It also has a cloth hanger for drying my washed cloth. Yeah, I have set up 220V for dryer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alameda Creek run

The view is more splendid than I thought. I ran through Alameda creek valley in the early morning, ran into Coyote Hills park and the wet land before it. And the beautiful Bayview trail. . . I really regret that I didn't bring a camera with me. I will take some picture next time I ran 20 miles on it.

And I have been losing weight recently. When I worked for BroadLogic, I had problem big time to keep my weight down. They provide snack all the time and I weight went up even when I was training for last Marathon, I weighted over 200 stunning lbs when I was with them. Now for the first time over years, my weight goes below 190lbs, in fact after this run, it was close to 185lb. I couldn't remember when I weighted this little, maybe that was 5 years ago.