Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's commute

Yes I am crazy about running now. I ran from Los Gatos to San Jose airport where my work is at. It's actually not that long actually. About 13 miles, but certainly look crazy from a map.
When I run, I feel like I am a running machine.

==== added 2/2/09 Monday ===

I did it second time the whole length. It only took me 1 hour 41 mins. I feel super.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Elva in new park

I found this new park for Elva. I searched 'playground' and found this park where near to my office. Today it was raining and I had to take Elva to office. Suddenly sky broke, I know the blue won't last too long, so I find this park near my work. There were only 3 black kids and one Mexico kid and their parent of course. Elva doesn't care about that and this park is still consider clean. We turn out had good time over there. Seesaw hand free, yeah!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

She didn't know that I 'm taking her picture

That's my new girlfriend Jan, she was checking out the menu.
Maybe this is the beginning of a new life.

Friday, January 16, 2009

How long is 26 miles

I was wondering how long is 26 miles. So I made a map of bay area and put down a red line of 26 miles according to scale. It's roughly from my home at Los Gatos to pass Redwood city, to San Carlos. Amazing! How can a person run such kind of distance in 3 hrs. (not me, I am shooting for 4hrs)

And there is ultramarathon that can be twice as long as this (eg. 100km)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Run again this morning

Maybe I will finalize my running route very soon. I got to office before 8AM, changed and go down stairs start running. Weather is cool but not cold, so I am in shorts and short sleeve T shirt. I ran less than 30 minutes before I reach to this Cal train railroad fence. So I have to return. Totally I ran 44 minutes 36 secs, that's probably between 5-6 miles. Once I get back to office, showered and had my sport drink, it's still before 9AM. I think next time I am going to try to get down to creek bed at Airport parkway. That should add one more km or 5 more minutes to the route. I have the route map included. It's one scale bigger on google map than last time.

I also sense that my body is changing. I was running like once a week, each time an hour or longer. that didn't really change much of me, but now I have been running every other day and each time at least 30 minutes. (Actually I think averages at 45 mins) I can sense my body is changing. My lower body feel like made of iron, and I burn fat. Like my little belly fat (just a little) is gone. I was trying to get rid of that for years, but that last little bit is hard to get. Now it's nearly gone. I read an article saying Marathon runner can just rely on burning carbohydrates, we need to burn fat to sustain the long run. I guess my body has learn to burn fat now, nice.

Added 1/16/2009
I ran this morning again. It was before 7:30 I started, much cooler. I had full long sleeve gear but my chest and back are still feeling it. This time I start route from Airport pkway and return. Total time is just below 50min (49:16) I estimated 6+ miles. Oh, BTW I can feel my waist is shrinking when I showered. My belt is on last hole and still lose.

Added 1/17/2009
馬總統五十一歲時,十公里路跑還仍有五十一分十四秒. I think right now I am much better then him

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend at parks

Maybe I should post this one before my another one. My weekend pretty mush spent on parks. We (me and my daughter) went to 4 different parks, 5 times (one repeated visit for a park)
She ride trike, play in sand box, swing set and slides.... At The biggest Von Sonna park, there was a guy play remote control monster truck, There are a handful of children gaged and chased the truck. She really had lots of fun.

Tomorrow's plan

Today, I already set my folding bike at my office, along with some clothing and tower. I plan to run though the nice Steven creek (bike) trail and catch a light-rail to work, I estimate 7.5 miles and 1 hour in running. I will shower there and go to work. (hopefully 9:30) When I return from work, I just take light-rail to a closer station and bike rest of way home. I will be only carry my hip bag (photo tomorrow) and I will show the cheap folding bike I bought ($135 including shipping).

Add (1/12/2009 9:20AM)

I did it. I ran 59:38s to Fruitdale light-rail station and catch the train about 3mins to spare. The light-rail ride took more than 15 mins. I felt I can run faster when it went through downtown area. But I still got into door before 9AM, showered and coffee-d. Well, time to start working.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Running in mid 40s

I did my 1 hr run this morning. I headed out my house at 8:00AM sharp, temperature outside was 45F, cold! I know, not for you guys from northern states, yet I am from Taiwan and only live at California..... cold. I put on my ski beanie, wear tights and long sleeve shirt and add a T-shirt overall. Yes, I wear tights. No matter how they call them performance tights, they are still tights. I have a picture of them. Funny look, especially when they are on me, but you really need them when it's so cold outside.
This run was on hills so I don't know exactly how long, probably just 6 miles but on hills. Took me 52 minutes to finish.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Really dense fog this morning

Fog is really dense this morning at here, northern California.
I got out maybe at 7:20am, I can see my cross street neighbor very well. I took this video before I got down to highway. Once is on highway, fog actually wasn't that bad. No comparison to last time on I-5 from LA back. Too bad I didn't take a video then. I could barely see the trees on the side of road, no chance to see car in front of me if they didn't turn on their light. Yet we all going 75mph or above......

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cut my hair today

Cut my hair today. Yeah, prepare for Chinese new year band on hair cutting.... superstition.

The young lady who cut my hair asked about my age. She guessed I am early 30. I said look at my white beard (that's exactly why I save my beard). She wouldn't believe that I am 196x grade... Well, she was working on tips I know, but I guess I still stun her. After she learned that I am divorced, she asked more questions, like am I a citizen... Wow, I got the picture. She is cute and I would ask her out if there isn't so many people around, and I don't know whether she is available or not. I chicken out, anyway Nice to know someone think you are still young. I will take some picture of my new hair style (just plain short hair) when light is better tomorrow and post it here.
Got a bathroom photo, haha. I look Baaaad. I also attach my running map during the week.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

17 miles run trial, failed

I try to run 17 miles (That's 4 miles more than a half Marathon) today; but end up danger myself.
I started my run shortly after 3PM, big mistake. I ran a hour and reach to San Jose Water facility at San Jose, big water tank there can be seen from sky. I turn around and still in good shape. I ran another 30 minutes or so and got pass under highway 85. Sun went down horizon (4:50pm) and temperature started to plunge ( feel like under 50F/10C). My arms and fingers feel icy cold and I couldn't run very well. I am not sure whether it was caused by temperature or it is my limitation for now (I was at about 12-13 miles) Anyway I struggled to run for another 10 minutes then I started to walk. After a while, I try to run again since it was getting really cold and dark inside the huge Vasona lake park. I feel a cramp coming up from my right leg. I was really scared, if I couldn't walk out the park myself, I could be in real trouble under such a cold weather (tonight is going to be below 40 and I don't have much cloth on)
Anyway the run and the view was nice but for sure doesn't worth the risk.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Elva's 2008 Christmas gift

I bought her a new trike as 2008 Christmas gift, a Radio Flyer Fold2Go. Her old trike is too big for her and her legs can't reach pedals. This one however she can ride on and reach those pedals. She didn't figure out how to ride it at first two days, then she just learn how to ride it by herself, at my brother's house at LA. She is smart.
This long holiday I have her from Dec 23, I sent her over her mom at 24th late afternoon for Christmas eve, I picked her up at 25th and headed to LA. Back at 29th because her mom said want to see her that day but end up I have to insist sending her over (We could have spent more days at LA). Then I picked her up at 31th (why am I doing all the driving?), she stayed with me till Jan 4th (oh, her mom once said want her one day early but blow it again). Seem like her mom just have her stay with me as much as possible, as long as I don't have to work. What a mom?
She is happy to stay with me, too. I took her to park spend hours to ride tricycle and watch birds (ducks) which I doubt her mom never did that for her

Friday, January 2, 2009

My running map

My running map is attached, I do that every week if possible. The direct distance measured on highway 17 is roughly 5.3 miles one way. So that should be more than 6.5 miles on ground and run around is more than 13 miles. That's half marathon right here, I need 1 hour 42 minutes to finish the run. My goal is to finish a real marathon in 2009.

Marthon basic

Start from a pair of good light weight running shoes. Mine are Nike air zoom Run, weight only 10 oz per shoe at men's size 10.
And how to tie your shoe laces correctly so them won't get lose
link at

And lots stretch before and after your run.

If you get blister, invest in a pair of good socks for long distance run, which does not absorb and hold moisture but wick and dissipate it out. Maybe wear shoes half size larger would help too. I had blister problem after about 10 miles but went away after I applied both methods.

Right now I need to cut my "jumping" and move faster horizontal (I did too much hill training). I didn't know that until Dec 30th 2008. I was passed by a Marathon runner (his sweater says so) and I had a good chance to spot him run from behind. He was faster then me and I found he has much less "jumping" than me. I corrected myself at second half of my run and felt much easier.


After life changed, I decided to save beard. I see some white ones already, too bad, should I dye them?

About me

I am an computer engineer, or if you want to know more details, I am an embedded system engineer, use Linux and other operation system.
I am also an inventor, I invent stuffs and write patent application. I have few patents approved and several pending and more on going.
I like to jog, long distance like 20K. I already did half marathon and plan to finish a whole one. To get a certification of finish I guess.
I am a Christian, no matter what situation I am in, I will follow my Lord and thank Him for what I have.
I am separated, live along, sometime with my daughter. I enjoy my time with her very much.