Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great local Library

Very good Kid section. There are computers for kids, too. Elva loves that place.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Maybe you don't understand that Chinese title, it says God will make a way for me; even at where is hopeless to find a road.

This week is a local low point for me. You know I am in divorce process and I am selling the house. But only few know that I got laid off from job pass Thursday and when I moved my stuff from office in a big box, I pull my left shoulder and 2 days later, it had become a sharp pain so that I can't raise my left arm. I went to see a Chinese acupuncture doctor Dr. Wang. He is very good. After the first treatment, the continuous pain is gone, after three treatments, I can move my arm a little. But I can't move my arm overhead without huge pain. If I need to reach above my head with my left arm, I have to use my right hand to hold up my left arm, then it can stay there.

Although being at such a low point, I felt peaceful. It's hard to understand if you are not a Christian. Well, not completely peaceful, more like somewhat peaceful, and I still have little doubt. Like what am I going to do? Can I find a job at such a bad economic down turn. California unemployment rate is over 11%. I believe God will take care of me, but will He? I was seeking confirmation from Him.

This Sunday morning, as I walked into ROLCC church, I knew God is going to send his confirmation to me, so I waited. It's not unusual that pastor give out hope and God's promise of tomorrow. But at the end, he picked this worship hymns:

You probably didn't know I was away from ROLCC for more than three years (because my ex doesn't like there) I just got back there after we separated half year after. When I first jointed ROLCC, maybe after 3, 4 months, I got laid off, too. A month and half later, I landed a better job and at end, I walk out with 750,000 worth of stock option. This time around, when I got laid off, I don't surprised as much. I believe He is going to open up a better door for me, although I don't know what that is yet.

The Lyrics says: His way is hard to understand, but He is going to make a way for me. I think the fact I got laid off and my arm got hurt were all His ways. So I boldly asked confirmation from Him. I prayed: If this is your way, if you are going to make a way for me, please let me raise my left hand to praise you. In the middle of hymns, I raised both my arms not only once, but twice to praise Him without any pain; a little sore at worst. I raised my arms or minutes before I put them down. I know it's His sign to tell me: Don't worry, your way is in My hand.

Not enough confirmation? When I walk out that church and I knew what will happen. I tried to raise my left arm, a sharp pain back into my shoulder and I couldn't do that. I tried twice, try to mimic the same way I did it inside church, but I just couldn't, the pain was too much. Dear Lord, thank you. I totally believe you now, You can take away my shoulder problem now, if You wish.

=== above post at 8/2/2009 ===

If you wonder what happens to my arm, I am glade to tell you, as today, my left arm is free to do almost everything, only a little sore in my shoulder. Even the doctor is surprised that I recovered so fast. Praise the Lord!
Now what? My house is pending (buyers removed all contingencies) . I need to look for a place to rent and I still need a job. I know my God will take care of me. Even at this economic down turn.