Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love Mizuno more than Brooks

I don't know why running evolution didn't recommend Mizuno to me before? I love them. I goit a pair of Mizuno's Wave Rider 11 (last year's product and I got them online for $59.99) when I try them on the first time, I know they are for me. After certain running, I am even more sure about that. It's light weight and they provide enough cushion. I also determine to lose weight so I would run better with less pressure on my knees.
If anyone want to buy me gift, I can always use another pair of these. (a pair will only last 3 months or so on my training schedule)
My size is 10EE (wide),

Monday, May 11, 2009

My knee pain is gone (miraculously)

I had this knee pain before I ran marathon, worsen after I ran. Rest for more than a week and it still won't go away. I ran few times 3-4 miles after the big race and it became unbearable pain. I was limping these couple of days. Today I went online to research running related knee pain and found there is a name for this kind of knee pain. It's called runner's knee. On the webpage, it has explaination about how this can happen and a way to test if my pain is caused by runner's knee. Above all, there are treatment and exercise I should use. As a matter of fact, the exercise itself marked as treatment. Huh? I did that simple 3 steps exercise include how to twist my foot and tighten my thigh muscle. . . After that simple exercise, I notice the pain is gone when I walk. It just leave a feeling there as if something is not completely right. But at least I can walk, run a little. I beleive I would be able to run after some more test. Isn't it wonderful?

And I registered my next marathon at Oct 25, 2009 Silicon valley marathon

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Big Sur Marathon frame

I use some of real thing from the Marathon and made myself a frame. There are my number bib. (3844. Yes and my 44th birthday is coming in few days) My medallion, and my D-tag. there are also my photo at run, and my certtificate of completion ... All stack up in this 3-D frame.