Sunday, June 21, 2009

Test new camera

I bought a new camera from It's a Kodak 10MP with 3X optical zoom + stabilizer. Even with 2GB SD included only sell for $99. So cheap! This is my test photo that Elva is playing making phone call. She said to me: " I am on phone call, please don't disturb!"
And the other one, you can see her hand prints on glass panel easily.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My next run (and post run photo)

Pacifica trail run 21KM
They also have 50km route, but I am not trained for another long distance run yet and there are a colleague at work and his friend will also run. Although it's just another half marathon distance (which I do almost weekly or bi-weekly). But this trail has 3000ft elevation difference, so it could be another challenge. And it has very few aid station, so I have to carry my own water/sport drink, lucky i have Camelbak. Here are two different maps.

(Post-run update) Ok, I did it this weekend, The trail is narrow at most of places. For 4/5 of course, if anyone want to pass, we have to make arrangement (like one stop at side). And the uphills are steep and long. I managed to run all the uphill at first part, but I lost my strength at second course when encounter uphill, However, I still manage to run all the not so uphill and downhills. My total time is 2 hrs 50 mins, not very great but I did it. Two photo are taken after the run, see how dirty my shoes and legs are? I am not so tired after the run. Oh, I think I definitely need to lose weight, most of runners are much lighter than me. That's why they can run uphills.