Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another fun day at park

I have many photos of Elva and Weiqi these are just some of them.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I won

She agreed to give me 5 days of custody per week, that's before the court ruling. Ok, I guess she needs more free time for job hunting, or other things like dating. Anyway, I don't mind, Elva is my daughter and I am responsible for her now. I still need to pay her 2300 per month for maybe 24 month, but I only pay 600 for her to take care of her two days a week.
In court room, every argument tiled toward my way. I insisted child can't be removed from Northern California, she disagreed. Judge agreed with me. Her lawyer wanted me to pay her attorney fee, judge disagreed.
It was like an all out winning, I swear God is helping me, He has favor and break laid down for me. My lawyer is a good help too, I would recommend her to everyone.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elva is back

Elva is still Jet lagged, but we went out to play at pet shop, play ground and many many places. Oh Elva is certainly happen to see Little Monkey :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Running suit

Tights for running, for fast wicking sweat out if my body and preventing robbing between my thighs. Hip pack for keys and other small things, a bottle flask for sport drink. Running couple of hours you sure need to fuel yourself. On the right is my hip pack and energy gel. You kinda need that when you run for hours.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My running gears

I like Nike a lot. Top right two pictures are my $15 socks, if you watch closely you will find that they are carefully fabricated, assembled by several pieces. grip my feet firmly and apply different pressure at different area. Also provide needed cushion to my feet when I ran. Although they are expensive, I need all the help I can get to run this Marathon. The shoes are Nike Zoom Marathoner, same weight about Zoom Explosion but better cushion and better protection to the feet. It has one piece carbon rubber sole. to protect my feet from road pebbles.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nike Lunarlite trainer

I just bought a pair of Nike Lunarlite trainner at full price ($100+tax). I know there is website providing 20% discount on their shoes, yet I couldn't wait another two weeks for them to arrive, my feet hurt due to continuous long run without enough resting.
They are kind of dorky look, yet Nike built these shoes with some new NASA foam to provide well cushion yet maintain extreme light weight. The pair on the left is my favorite Nike Zoom Explosion Run 2, which weight only less than 10 oz for men's size 10. The pair on the right is the Lunarlite trainner. Looks a little fat but weight only 9.7 oz for men's size 9. I had to buy men's size 10.5 and I don't know how much exactly they weight. Feel a little more than my explosion, yet they provide much more cushion. Too bad I can't fit in the Lunarlite racer, which doesn't come with wide size, yet they are much lighter, like 6 oz. I hope Nike will build them later.
My plan is to train my long runs in Lunarlite to minimize the damage to my feet. As for real marathon race, I may just use explosion for fast result. I mean, I can have a whole week to recover from it. While I am on shoes, I like to show my Tideline picture when they are new, not wear.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I so did 20 miles run

I did my 20 miles run this morning. Being afraid of return trip at night may encounter rain, I went and park my car at light rail station, run 30 minutes toward Los Gatos, then double back toward San Jose. Since it's a such a long run and estimated will take 2 hrs and 30mins, I have to have some sport drink with me so I have two water flasks attach on my running belt (see picture). Then it turns out they are too heavy when filled for me and I ran terrible the first 30 mins with those two extra weight. I end up retrun to my car and keep my windbreaker and one bottle back to my car. Afterwards, I ran much freely like gliding with only one 3/4 full of bottle attach to my belt, that's after one hour of running already. When I ran back on trail at Winchster, that was 1 hour 10 minutes into running already. I continue to run with help from two energy gel packs and some sports drink. I ran another hour with no problem, but then the trail was damp due to overnight rain. Eventually my feet got wet and I have a blister on my left foot. I had to change my running pattern to compensate that. After about two hours 20 minuts of running, I ran into my wall, my feet, my ankles, my legs and my waist all hurts. Yet I continue to push forward and end my run after 2 hours 38 minutes. that's 20 miles all right.